Batcher Plus

The number of data to be managed, often to be converted into graphs, charts or file formats of different types, is constantly increasing and can no longer be made manually, especially in the world of LEDs characterized by frequent updates of features.

Photoview Batcher Plus meets these needs because it allows you to automatically manage a large amount of source files and convert them to other interchange formats. It can also create other interchange files by extrapolating through an Excel file in which to insert the various data.

It is a particularly useful function for the management of websites and catalog updates since is fully automatic, minimizing time and the margin of error.

Check the Functions Summary/Photoview section for the detailed list of functions.

Nota Bene -Photoview Batcher Plus can be activated from the Pro configuration purchasing the Una Tantum Single-User License from  the e-commerce section.

One Excel File to Generate Thousands of Files

Photoview Batcher Plus allows you to:

  • Create an Excel Batcher file by obtaining data directly from the source files in LDT, IES and OXL (Create Excel File Function)
  • Generate thousands of new files starting from a Batcher Excel file previously created with the Create Excel File function and filled in with the data regarding the new products obtained from a limited number of source files (Process Excel File Function)

No more manual generation of files: with Photoview Batcher Plus it will only take a few minutes to create thousands of files automatically.

  Watch the introduction film about Batcher Plus