Custom Print Settings: How to set and storage the printout list

  LED source currents: How to manage source currents

  Photoview Viewer: How to visualize a luminaire data using Photoview Viewer Open (Freeware)


  Masts and Structures: How to manage masts

  Tunnels: How to apply UNI 11095-2019 standard

  LED Luminaire Source Currents: How to manage source currents in street lighting projects

  Duplication of Luminaires and Objects: How to duplicate luminaires and objects following a rectilinear or curved line or even a circle

  Symmetry: How to manage the symmetry of both masts and aimings

  How to manage the catalog of products most frequently used in Litecalc


  How to create a custom catalog with Liswin by importing LDT, IES or OXL files

  How to create the catalog locally via WebCatalog or corporate OXL


  WebCatalog 7 Introduction