Photoview Web

Photoview Web

is a Web application (Web App) for generating interchange files, graphs, charts and reports starting from photometric LDT or IES LM-63 or photo-spectrometric basic files such as OXL or IES TM-33 (IESxml), that can easily interface to luminaire manufacturers' websites using simple API (Application Programming Interface) functions.

From one single file ... to many on the fly

Photoview Web allows  to upload only the basic files strictly necessary to the Web to be converted on the fly at the request of the lighting designer into:

  • photometric LDT or IES LM-63 or photo-spectrometric OXL and IESxml interchange files. It is also possible to create such files according to the flux and power curves according to the driving current (only via basic OXL file)
  • polar and Cartesian diagrams
  • beam spread graphs, isolux and isocandela curves, isoluminance
  • spectrum, color plane and CRI graph
  • McAdam graphs with relative ellipses
  • graphs and values for color assessment according to IES TM-30
  • photometric and spectrometric data charts
  • reports such as datasheets integrated with photo-spectrometric data

This avoids preparing tens of thousands of individual files locally and then uploading them to the corporate website.

The advantages of Pw

It is therefore an excellent system to:

  • save time
  • increase information power
  • reduce the size of the memory allocation on the website
  • eliminate errors

Photoview Web, a leap into the future for a simpler world.

Example of Photoview Web applied to WebCatalogs

  Watch the introduction film about Photoview Web 8