Version Date File
LITESTAR 4D v. 08.00.000  28/06/2023  
LITESTAR 4D v. 07.00.000  20/05/2021  
LITESTAR 4D v. 06.02.001 18/06/2020   
LITESTAR 4D v. 06.02.000 18/03/2020
LITESTAR 4D v. 06.01.000 06/05/2019
LITESTAR 4D v. 06.00.000 20/02/2019
LITESTAR 4D v. 05.00.000 10/11/2017
LITESTAR 4D v. 04.01.000 14/12/2016
LITESTAR 4D v. 04.00.000 06/04/2016


If you need to download files of versions prior to LITESTAR 4D v. 04.00.000 Contact our Customer Service

It is necessary to download the version released before the expiry date of the Maintenance Contract (for example: if the Contract expired on 30/06/11 it will be necessary to download version 1.03.000 released on 07/06/11) in order to activate the program in Pro mode.

In case of activation of a version published after the expiry date of the Maintenance Contract the program will only work in Open mode.