is a powerful program for processing photometric and radiometric data of luminaires and light sources for the following fields:

  • Visible (Visual), normal lighting, with spectrum from 380 to 780 nm
  • Horticultural, regarding the horticultural lighting field (plant lighting), for plant lighting, with a spectrum from 400 to 700 nm in PAR units (available with Horti Plus module)
  • UV, with spectrum from 200 to 400 nm in radiometric units (available with UV-IR Plus module)

Photoview includes the following functions:

  • charts management
    • photometric charts regarding both visible and horticultural fields
    • radiometric charts regarding UV, IR and visible fields
  • display and printout of graphs and charts
  • import and export of photometric and radiometric exchange files such as:
    • IESNA TM-33-18 (IESxml)
    • UNI 11733:2019  (UNIxml)
    • OXL, XML technology data exchange format developed by OxyTech starting from 2007. The OXL file, as well as for data exchange purposes between manufacturers  and the market, can also be used to store all the information, test results and images of the products tested in a laboratory (What is an OXL file)
  • import and export of photometric exchange files (the following files do not manage the radiometric part):
    • ASN
    • CEN 13022
    • Cibse TM14
    • CIE 102
    • Eulumdat
    • IESNA LM-63 86-91-95-02
    • LTLI
  • photometry conversion from one measurement system to another: C-Gamma to V-H (B-Beta) and viceversa (only for photometric files)
  • data import from OxyTech and generic goniophotometers (including customization)
  • automatic creation of data, graphs and charts in standard and customized mode (custom)

Check the Functions Summary/Photoview section for the detailed list of functions.


LITESTAR 4D Photoview is available in the following configurations:

Open (Freeware), the basic freeware configuration

It includes the following functions:

  • luminaire, photometric measurement and source data management
  • polar and Cartesian diagram
  • UGR chart values
  • luminaire glare assessment according to Soellner’s diagram
  • image saving in raster format and table saving in text format (txt)
  • assessment of IPEA energy efficiency according to Italian Ministerial Decree 231213 and IPEA* energy efficiency according to Italian Ministerial Decree 270917 with the exception of the printing function
Nota Bene - Photoview Open is available in LITESTAR 4D Open that can be downloaded from the Download section in WebOxy

Pro, professional configuration

It includes the following functions:

  • matrix management with functions such as matrix normalization, duplication, symmetrization, addition, multiplication, division by constant, rotation and tilting
  • union of 2 separate photometries
  • automatic conversion of large amounts of data to other photometric file formats and/or graphs (Dir to Dir function) in a 1 to 1 ratio
  • ...

Check the Functions Summary/Photoview section for the detailed list of functions.

Nota Bene - Photoview Pro can be activated by purchasing a License A or B from the e-commerce section

Plus, super-professional configuration
  • Photoview Plus - It is designed for professionals dealing with the management and analysis of photometries and spectrum data who can view the data as graphs or charts according to the most updated industry standards …
  • Batcher Plus - It meets in an elegant, simple and effective way the needs of both, managing and creating large numbers of photometric files, also through extrapolations through an Excel file …
  • Report Plus (+ OXL 8.00) - OXL 8.00 is the core of photometric, spectrum and laboratory data management: a single tool to have all the information in a single file. basis for managing your photo-colorimetric reports at 360°, including data regarding the list of instruments and the evaluation of laboratory uncertainty …

Check the Functions Summary/Photoview section for the detailed list of functions.

Nota Bene - the Plus modules can be activated from the Pro configuration by purchasing a Plus Una-Tantum License from  the e-commerce section

Custom, the customized configuration for exclusive data processing

Do you need customized documents according to your exclusive design, both tabular and graphical as well as standard or special interchange files?

Photoview Custom is suitable for you: we can customize charts, graphs, reports or photometric and spectrometric documentation for you based on your templates.


Contact our Customer Service for a solution tailored to suit your needs

LITESTAR 4D Photoview is made according to the most updated international standards and recommendations and is developed by a team of programmers and technicians taking advantage of the over 70,000 measurements made in our photometric and colorimetric laboratory in more than 35 years.