Photoview - UV

Photoview - UV

the Photoview section for the management of radiometric data (spectrum) in the UV field (UV-A - UV-B - UV-C from 200 to 400 nm) of UV luminaires and light sources used for sanitizing and disinfecting purposes.

The photometric and spectrometric data can be converted into, displayed as and printed as industry-typical graphics and charts.

The graphs and tables managed by Photoview - UV are:

  • spectrum graphs for the UV field with analysis by UV bands (UV-A, B, C)
  • polar and cartesian diagrams 
  • 3D photometry visualization
  • beam spread diagram
  • isolux and isocandela curves
  • technical data sheet
  • custom graphics

Photoview is equipped with powerful functions for managing the radiant intensity matrices: refer to the Functions Summary / Photoview for further details.