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please fill in the form below to download LITESTAR 4D Open, the freeware version of the program.
You will receive an e-mail including the link to proceed with the download.
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  • In order to activate LITESTAR 4D Pro/Plus configurations, it is necessary to install firstly LITESTAR 4D Open configuration and, after having launched the program, enter the activation code provided after the purchase of the license.
  • LITESTAR 4D Pro/Plus configurations cannot be activated when the Maintenance Contract of the activation code used expired on a date prior to the date of release of the LITESTAR 4D version installed: in this case the program will continue to work in Open configuration (the date of release of the version of LITESTAR 4D currently installed is displayed in the HELP/About… menu in Litecalc). Users owning a Maintenance Contract are advised to keep the installation file compatible with their own activation code downloaded when activating the program.
  • LITESTAR 4D and LITESTAR 10 are not compatible and therefore shall be installed in different folders.

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