Who we are

OxyTech originates in 1986 as a company that offers both services and products dedicated to all professionals working in the lighting sector.

Our main fields or activity are:

  • Software

Software for the management of all the phases regarding lighting products: from the management of the photometric and colorimetric data, to the lighting project, not to mention the electronic catalogs both, locally and on-line, or the managament of reports

  • Hardware

Instruments for photometric laboratories and for field measurements (luxmeters, spectroradiometers, luminancemeters, goniophotometers, aging systems ...)

  • Services
    • photometric and colorimetric measurements performed in our laboratories
    • management of the products database
    • basic and advanced courses on:
      • fundamental principles of lighting technology
      • laboratory management
      • indoor and outdoor lighting design
    • advice in the lighting field


Our Mission is:

  • To Listen

the needs of our customers as manufacturers, designers (lighting designers, architects, engineers ...), corporations and large public companies, distributors and installers

  • and Work out

solutions with them so as to improve their everyday work by making it more dynamic, flexible and precise.

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