T2 with Facility for Turning the Light Source

The T2 Goniophotometer with Facility for Turning the Light Source  is a high precision and reliability photometer for goniophotometry (measurement of the distribution of the luminous intensity) and goniospectrometry (measurement of the spectrum) of light sources and luminaires

The T2 Goniophotometer allows measurements according to:

  • C-Gamma measuring system, for indoor and street lighting luminaires
  • V-H (B-Beta) measuring system, for floodlights

Therefore any kind of luminaire and light source can be tested.

Standards and Recommendations

The T2 Goniophotometer is manufactured in accordance with:

  • EN 13.032 Standard type 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3
  • CIE 70 Recommendation Chapter 5 Types 1 and 2 (Luminaire with facility for turning the light source). 


Maximum dimensions of the luminaires and light sources to be measured:

  • Weight:  max 50 kg
  • Dimensions:  max 3500x1500x1800 mm

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