T5 with Rotating Mirror

The T5 Goniophotometer with Rotating Mirror is a high precision and reliability photometer for goniophotometry (measurement of the distribution of light intensity) and goniospettrometry (measurement of the spectrum) of conventional and LED lighting sources and luminaires.

The system is fully automatic and uses latest generation robot technology with the advantage of allowing transmission without chains or belts.

The robot technology, alongside with high precision encoders and latest generation no-play reducers, guarantees perfect positioning and imperceptible vibrations.

The T5 Goniophotometer allows measurements according to:

  • C-Gamma measuring system, for indoor and street lighting luminaires
  • V-H (B-Beta) measuring system, for floodlights
  • or on conical surfaces.

Standards and Recomandations

The T5 Goniophotometer is manufactured in accordance with:

  • IESNA LM-75 Type C (complying IESNA LM-79)
  • EN 13032 Type 3.2
  • CIE 70 Chapter 7


Maximum dimensions of the luminaires and light sources to be measured:

  • Weight:  max 50 kg
  • Diagonal:  max 2000 mm
  • Depth:  max  1000 mm

Watch the Video

  Goniophotometer with Rotationg Mirror T5





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