Details of Pro Licenses F, L and R

One-year contract
Two-year contract
Three-year contract
How to Confirm your Choice
  You can confirm your choice by:      
  • OxyTech will send a renewal proposal within the expiry month of the Contract
  • (*) in the event of non-renewal of one of the F, L and R licenses, it will still be possible to update the Maintenance Contract of the license B separately
What do Licenses Include? License Configuration
The acquisition of the F, L or R License includes:      
  • the creation of the company’s section in the Partners area of WebOxy
  • the activation of the daily e-mail list including  the data of the software users having downloaded  LITESTAR 4D Open from WebOxy (only for manufacturers)
  • the activation of the monthly Excel file including the data of the software users having downloaded  LITESTAR 4D Open from WebOxy (only for manufacturers)
  • the supply of LITESTAR 4D Pro customized with database (Plug-in and/or WebCatalog) and company’s logos
  • the activation of the company WebCatalog for all LITESTAR 4D Open+Pro programs active in the world (> 75,000 - June 2023 figure)
  • the possibility of activating the WebCatalog in the Download area of the company website (Automatic Data Center)

Nota Bene – WebCatalogs use Photoview Web to automatically generate files (LDT, IES, IESxml …) and photo-colorimetric graphics, and product datasheets in 25 languages starting from a single OXL file

  • access to the reserved area of the OxyTech WebCatalog Server for continuous data updating

Nota Bene – The product database can also be activated on the company server

  • the authorization to distribute the LITESTAR 4D Open program (F, L and R licenses) and/or Pro (F and L licenses) in an unlimited number of copies to its customers
  • the activation of 2 Single User LITESTAR 4D Pro  Licenses B for an unlimited period of time (*)

  • the activation of 1 Single User LITESTAR 4D Pro  License B for an unlimited period of time (*)
  • in the event of your renewal of the Maintenance Contract:
    • the program continues to work after the expiry date but the program and data updates are no longer available 
    • the program stops working after the expiry date
    • the WebCatalog stops working after the expiry date
It includes the following services for the entire validity period of the Maintenance Contract:
  • 8 hours/year of Internet course
  • 4 hours/year of Internet course

  • automatic LITESTAR 4D program update via Internet
  • telephone, e-mail or Gotomeeting assistance

Nota Bene – any assistance provided outside the Maintenance Contract and/or after the credit has been exhausted will be automatically invoiced based on our Service Price List in force at the time the service is provided. The invoice will be issued when the limit of €100 is exceeded

Nota Bene – unused credit will be canceled upon expiry of the Maintenance Contract 

  • 20% discount on the purchase of OxyTech services (courses etc.)