LITESTAR 4D is a software for lighting design and product data management able to meet the needs of manufacturers, lighting designers, corporations and large public companies, retailers and wholesalers at 360°.

In 7 modules, it integrates the management and processing functions of all phases of the lighting project: luminaire data processing, lighting design, product selection and creation of the product data sheet.

LITESTAR 4D is the only program in the world of lighting design with an open database where operators can tidily store product data available in WebCatalogs but also provided by manufacturers in the various exchange formats.

LITESTAR 4D makes the work of lighting professionals simple and effective.

LITESTAR 4D is made up of the following modules:


Stand-Alone Modules


  Photoview - Management of photometries and spectrometries of luminaires and light sources and of all information relating to laboratory measurements (instrument data, tables of standards and uncertainties, luminous flux and power curves according to the driving currents, images of the product, references and tools) that can be saved in OXL files

Photoview features the following advanced professional modules:

  • Photoview Plus - Advanced Management of Graphs and Charts
  • Batcher Plus - Automatic Creation of Photometric Files
  • Report Plus - Advanced Photometric and Spectrometric Report Management
  • Horti Plus - Spectrometric File Management for Horticulture
  • UV-IR Plus - Radiometric File Management for the UV-IR fields

  Lisdat - Management of interactive electronic catalog data

  Litecalc - Lighting design in the visible field, in the horticultural field in PAR units as well as in the radiometric (UV) field

Litecalc features the following advanced professional modules:

  • Road Plus - Multiple Automatic Calculation for Straight Roads through Excel
  • Tunnel Plus - Advanced Management of Road Tunnels Lighting Installations
  • Sport Plus - Advanced Management of Sport Areas Lighting Installations
  • Emergency Plus - Advanced Management of Emergency Lighting Installations
  • Horti Plus - Lighting Design for Horticulture
  • UV-IR Plus - Radiometric Design for the UV-IR Fields

  Liswin - Viewer (Browser) of the local interactive electronic catalog


Cloud Modules


  WebCatalog - Internet Interactive Electronic Catalog Browser (Cloud)

  Photoview Web - Server for creation of photometric and spectrum data and images


OxyTech Goniophotometers Modules


  Gonwin - Program for the management of OxyTech goniophotometers

LITESTAR 4D is completed with the TracePro program for the design of the optics of the lighting luminaires, developed by the American company Lambda Reasearch.

  TracePro, program for luminaire optics design


LITESTAR 4D features

  • Open, the freeware configuration (free), which can be downloaded from the Download area of WebOxy and which includes the basic functions of LITESTAR 4D
  • Pro (type A and B G), the professional configuration, available for professionals which includes both the basic and the advanced functions. It can be purchased in the e-commerce area
  • Plus, the configuration for the advanced functions, which can be activated starting from the Pro configuration, such as:
    • Photoview Plus - advanced management of photometric and spectrometric data and graphs
    • Batcher Plus - automatic production of photo-colorimetric files and graphics via Excel file
    • Report Plus - management of the complete photo-colorimetric reports
    • Emergency Plus - management of emergency lighting installations
    • Road Plus - automatic management of calculations of straight road sections
    • Sport Plus - advanced management of sports area lighting installations
    • Tunnel Plus - advanced management of road tunnels lighting installation
    • Horti Plus - data management and lighting design for horticultural installations
    • UV-IR Plus - data management and radiometric design of UV installations
    • Plus modules can be activated by accessing the e-commerce area and are one-off fee modules (only for Licenses B). They are updated automatically when the Maintenance Contract of Licenses A or B is in force.
  • Custom, the configuration dedicated to professionals or companies wishing to have special and customized functionalities regarding lighting design, management of catalog and / or photometric and/or spectrum data as well as documents tailor-made according to their needs.
Please contact our Customer Service for further information.

Minimum System Requirements
  • PC with 2.5 GHz or higher
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Compatible Graphic Card OpenGL (1 GB RAM + VRAM)
  • USB Interface
  • LAN (TCP/IP) Interface (necessary only for the management of OxyTech goniophotometers)
  • minimum resolution  1024 x 768 px
Computer Mac
LITESTAR 4D is compatible with System 7, the operating system of Apple Mac, on the condition that an emulator for Windows is activated 

  • Windows 8® - Windows 10® - Windows 11® (32 or 64 bits)
  • with minimum VC_Redist.x86 Visual Studio version 2015, 2017 and 2019 (vc_redist.x86.exe)

Program Languages
LITESTAR 4D is available in the following languages:
Brazilian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Croatian, Czech, English, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovene, Spanish, Turkish.

Nota Bene- it is possible to install the program in one of the given languages as well as change it from the program or print in a different language from that chosen for the program itself.

How to upgrade LITESTAR 4D
Open or Pro Configuration (Maintenance Contract in force)
LITESTAR 4D warns of available automatic upgrades when launched. The upgrading takes place automatically upon confirmation on the part of the user.
Nota Bene - the upgrade of Plus modules is also included here.

Pro Configuration (Maintenance Contract not in force)
It is not possible to upgrade program if the Maintenance Contract is expired.
Nota Bene - the Pro configuration can not be activated if the Maintenance Contract has expired before the date of publication of the upgrade.
In this case it will be necessary to uninstall the program, delete its archives and then install a version of the program with publication date prior to the expiration date of the Maintenance Contract.

How to import and/or update product data in LITESTAR 4D
It is possible to import product data in LITESTAR 4D from:
  • the manufacturers' WebCatalogs using the Drag&Drop function with which to drag the product image straight from the Internet into Litecalc or Liswin
      WebCatalog - Interactive electronic catalog on the Internet

  • Liswin through the parametric search functions via Web
      Liswin - Interactive electronic catalog

  • OXL, Eulumdat, IES LM-63, IES TM-33, UNIxml files that can be imported directly from the desktop or a computer folder into Litecalc, Liswin or Photoview using the Drag & Drop function
      Lisdat - Catalog data management

  • Lisdat, with which to import the products of interest directly inot the database both through data entry or by using OXL, Eulumdat, IES LM-63, IES TM-33, UNIxml files
      Lisdat - Catalog data management

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