Photoview - Horti

Photoview - Horti

the Photoview section for the management of photometric and spectrum data in the horticultural field (400-700 nm) of luminaires and light sources used for increasing and improving plant growth.

The photometric and spectrometric data can be converted into, displayed as and printed as industry-typical graphics and charts.

The graphs and tables managed by Photoview - Horti are:

  • spectrum graphs for the horticultural field
  • spectrum graph and color plane according to the 3 typical configurations (CIE 1931 – CIE 1960 and CIE 1976)
  • spectrum graph and evaluation chart of the various PAR parameters
  • graphs for the McAdam analysis
  • polar and cartesian diagrams 
  • 3D photometry visualization
  • beam spread diagram
  • isolux and isocandela curves
  • technical data sheet
  • custom graphics

Photoview - Horti features an option to color the graphs according to the color coordinates of the measured integral spectrum

Photoview is equipped with powerful functions for managing the PAR intensity matrices: refer to the Functions Summary / Photoview for further details.