LITESTAR 4D Litecalc is the lighting and radiometric design module in the following fields:

  • Visible (Visual), normal lighting, with spectrum from 380 to 780 nm
  • Horticultural (available with Horti Plus module), for plant lighting, with a spectrum from 400 to 700 nm in PAR units
  • UV (available with UV-IR Plus module) with spectrum from 200 to 400 nm in radiometric units

All fields integrate the following functions:

  • 2D and 3D design and management of the indoor areas, outdoor areas (large areas and areas for sports), roads and tunnels
  • import of 2D (DXF) and 3D (3DS and OBJ) CAD files
  • management of luminaires, for horticulture and for radiometric (UV) applications, and furniture
  • management of materials with the definition of characteristics such as reflectance, transparency, specularity and roughness and the possibility of adding textures to surfaces
  • calculation of several lighting and radiometric parameters according with the most updated International Norms and Recommendations. Both calculation and rendering are based on the Photon Mapping method. The calculation has been tested in numerous installations certified by important international institutions
  • management of the results of the calculation with visualization of the various parameters, of isolevel curves (isolux or isoluminance,...) and of pseudo colors diagrams
  • creation of photographic quality images of the project area using both, a rendering module and ray-tracing
  • printing of project data, results of calculations as well as of graphic visualizations and renderings
  • saving of project data and calculation results in external files (.lpj)

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