Report Plus

If you need a program to manage your photometric reports including, laboratory data, instruments, standards and uncertainties, Report Plus is the right choice for you.

All Data in a Single Source File ... to have your Report Ready in a Few Seconds

Photoview 8.00 allows you to manage the following information, in addition to photometric and spectrum information:


  • Company info
  • Laboratory managers and their signatures
  • Notes concerning the test to be included in the report
  • Electrical and environmental parameters in accordance with regulatory limits
  • Pictures of the product (4), of the applied photometric references (2) and of the instruments (2)
  • List of standards applied for the test
  • List of measurement uncertainties for the measured quantities
  • List of laboratory instruments used
  • Flux and power curves as a function of the LED driving currents


All this information can be saved in the OXL 8.00 file which allows having all the data collected in a single file, with undoubted management advantages.

This avoids having data reagarding the same product in different files and folders, with a significant saving of time and better information management.

Your Report in a Few Seconds

The OXL 8.00 is the basis for being able to manage everything automatically: in fact, it only takes a few seconds and enables to create a complete report in one of the 25 available languages.

Hundreds of Reports in a few Minutes … via Batcher Dir to Dir

Report Plus can be used with the Batcher Dir to Dir function with which, starting from n OXL 8.00 files, you can generate n reports in a few minutes in the languages you prefer.  


Report Plus via Batcher Custom

Report Plus can also be used with the Batcher Custom function with which even thousands of reports can be generated from a few photometric files.

  Watch the introduction film about Report Plus