Photoview - Photometric and Spectrometric Data Management

Storage of print settings

  • One or several customized lists of graphs and charts created through the Custom Print Settings function can now be storaged. This allows a more dynamic and fast management which is particularly useful when managing Batchers.

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LED luminaire source currents

  • The management of LED luminaire source currents has been introduced together with the storage of all configurations in a single OXL file from which n combinations of LDT, IES, … files can be created

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Management of Laboratory Instruments, Standards and Uncertainties

  • A section for the management of laboratory instruments usable for each test, including the management of correction factors derived from instrument calibrations, has been added
  • A table for the management of the standards used to perform the tests as well as that for the management of laboratory uncertainties has been introduced
  • Storage of the above mentioned data in a single OXL file which simplifies the management of the reports


  • A function for the calculation of the melanopic effect as per HCL (Human Centric Lighting) has been added
  • Spectra with steps not being constant can now be imported

  Litecalc - Lighting Design and Planning

Masts and luminaire groups

  • Dynamic management of masts and luminaire groups with the possibility of dividing them into layers so as to organize the different ignitions

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  • Management of aimings in different views such as plan, 3D and section. Activation of the aiming with click both on the luminaire and on the aiming arrow (when the Aim function is enabled). Aimings are numbered according to structures/masts. Aimings have different colors depending on the layer to which they belong


  • Symmetry of towers, luminaire groups and objects according to one or two axis

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LED Luminaire Source Currents

  • Management of luminaire source currents individually or in groups with the possibility of setting the flux or the power according to the current or vice-versa

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Duplication Function

  • Duplication following a rectilinear line

  • Duplication following a curved line or a circle
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Dxf Export

  • It is now possible to export the Dxf file for the project by adding the luminaires used and the results selected fom the relative window


  • Tunnel – The module for the determination of the luminance curve according to UNI 11095-2019 standard - Method B (semplified according to Chapter H.1.3) has been updated
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