Do you need a program to calculate the lighting of hundreds of straight roads automatically following the EN 13201 standard, without wasting time?

If so, Road Plus, the Road lighting module of LITESTAR 4D Litecalc, is perfect for you.

This is achieved by using an Excel file structured by OxyTech for this purpose, which can also be used as a tool for city census, featuring:

  • an Input section for entering general road data, its geometric dimensions, luminaire data and their installation, as well as entering information on the type of luminaire (photometry) to be used
  • an Output section where the program saves the results during the calculation process

Range Function

Road Plus is equipped with the innovative Range function that can be used for many fields such as the distance between the poles, the installation height, the retraction of the pole or the inclination of the luminaire.

Multiple Photometries

It is also possible to launch the same calculation with an n number of photometries for the same project: in this case, as in the case of the ranges, the program automatically generates n lines of the Excel file, as many as the files and/or ranges.

Photometries can be IES LM-63, IESxml, Eulumdat, OXL or UNIxml types.

Results Saving

The program saves not only the results in the Output section of the Excel file but also the project and the printouts in PDF.

Results are expressed in illuminance and luminance of all surfaces with the relative uniformities as well as the values of fTI and REI.

The results of the energy efficiency parameters (IPEA *, IPEI *, UF, power density and overall efficiency) as well as those of the luminare used (flux, power, G *, D, DFF, UL and UH) are also saved.

The Excel file also displays the comparison check of the values obtained with the EN 13201 standard table showing the solutions that pass and the ones which do not pass.

The Search for the Best Solution

The arrangement of the results in the Excel file allows to quickly search for the best solution by using the Filter function applicable to each calculated parameter.

The Excel File: Summary for the Future

The Road Plus Excel file is an indispensable tool for summarizing and archiving the results for future reference.

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