Road lighting

LITESTAR 4D Litecalc - Road lighting is the program module for the management of rectilinear road lighting installations and includes the following functions:

  • design and management of the road through 2 modes: wizard and advanced
  • manual insertion of single luminaires or groups of luminaires
  • import of pieces of furniture or objects in 3D (road signs, plants, various objects) from external files (3DS or OBJ format) or directly from the program library
  • definition of special calculation areas through regular and irregular working planes
  • calculation of parameters:
    • horizontal, cylindrical, semi-cylindrical and hemispherical illuminance
    • luminance
    • glare (fTI)
    • light pollution
    • IPEI - installation energy efficiency assessment according to the Decree of the Italian Ministry for the Environment dated September 27th, 2017 - CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) for the Public Lighting
  • management of the calculation results featuringf:
    • regular-irregular zoom with straight and curvilinear sections
    • possibility of switching off the points of no interest (cuadriculas)
    • dynamic management of longitudinal and transversal uniformity
  • rendering

Litecalc Road lighting can be integrated with the extra module Road Plus for the automatic calculation of several straight roads using an Excel file.

Standards and Norms of REference

  • CIE 30.2
  • CIE 140
  • EN 13201:2003
  • EN 13201:2015
  • UNI 10419 (Italia)
  • RD 1890 (Spagna)

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