Sport Plus - Advanced Lighting Management of Sports Areas

Do you want a program to design the lighting of sports areas in an automatic, simple and fast way?

If so, Sport Plus, the extra module for LITESTAR 4D Litecalc sports areas, is the ideal solution.

Areas and High Masts Definition

Sport Plus allows you to define:

  • the general area of the sports facility, setting both, the origin as per the absolute system of axes and the background color of the surface
  • the playing area by choosing the type of sport, the standard to be applied and the class. The program will show the dimensions of the area and the corresponding calculation grids  accordingly. Then, both, the color of the surface and the height of the work plane are defined
  • the high mast with the position and height of the panel on which the luminaires must be placed. Then, it is possible to define the type and number of luminaires as well as the spacing between them so that the program can place them regularly on the panel

Once the high-mast and the playing area have been created including the lines of play and the equipment (goals for soccer, rugby, handball, etc... the basketball scoreboard...) the user can can:

  • replace one or more luminaires
  • move them: which allows arranging the luminaires in irregular positions, such as on the roofs of the grandstands, in non-straight lines. The advantage is that they remain part of a group of luminaires

Graphical and Cartesian Coordinates Aimings

Once both the general area and the playing area, their dimensions and grids as well as the high masts with the corresponding luminaires have been defined, it is possible:

  • display panel/group of luminaires and replace one or more of them, even by graphical selection by Ctrl+left mouse click
  • aim the luminaires by selecting the corresponding function and the luminaire to be aimed by graphically moving the line to the desired area

It is possible to select the aiming graphically from the aiming arrow or activate it directly by selecting the luminaire.

High Mast Symmetrization

Once the reference points of the tower have been defined, it is possible to mirror it, using the corresponding icon, according to a simple or double symmetry.

Results Calculation

Once the calculations have been launched, the program displays all the result charts, such as horizontal and vertical illuminances, GR glare values...

The charts of illuminance values can be processed with uniformity evaluation systems such as the FIFA MAUR and with the Gradient.

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