Sport areas lighting

LITESTAR 4D Litecalc - Sport areas lighting is the part of Litecalc for the management of lighting in sports areas such as stadiums, outdoor or indoor sports grounds (sport centers) and includes the following functions:

  • design and management of exterior and interior areas through 2 modes: wizard and advanced (free)
  • definition of the lines characterizing the sports area under examination (basketball courts, football pitches, handball fields, etc.)
  • manual insertion of single luminaires or groups of luminaires (for instance on high masts)
  • definition of special areas of calculation through regular and irregular working planes
  • calculation of parameters:
    • illuminance and luminance
    • Glare (GR)
    • Spill light in outdoor areas

Standards and Norms of Reference

  • EN 12193 2008
  • FIFA 2011

N.B. - the current version of LITESTAR 4D allows the calculation of simple sports areas. We strongly recommend the use of LITESTAR 10 in case of complex situations as can be those of stadiums: LITESTAR 10 includes, in actual fact, all the calculations required by international norms and standards that will also be available at a later stage in LITESTAR 4D.