Software for Tunnel Lighting

LITESTAR 4D Litecalc - Tunnel lighting is the program module for the management of the lighting installations in rectilinear road tunnels and includes the following functions:

  • design and management of the tunnel through 2 modes:
    • wizard (available with the Pro configuration under Licenses B and G)
    • advanced (free) available with the Tunnel Plus module
  • manual insertion of single luminaires or groups of luminaires
  • definition of the tunnel section among 4 parametric types:
    • rectangular
    • vaulted
    • elliptical
    • circular
  • import of objects in 3D (road signs, traffic barriers) from external files (3DS or OBJ format) or directly from the program library
  • definition of special calculation areas through regular or irregular working planes
  • definition of luminance values at the tunnel entrance using:
    • Adrian diagram
    • luminance value at the entrance
    • free curve via Excel/CSV file
  • calculation of parameters:
    • horizontal, cylindrical, semi cylindrical and hemispheric illuminance
    • luminance
    • glare (fTI) with fixed and moving observer

Standards and Norms of Reference

  • CIE 88-2004 Recommendations
  • UNI 11095:2003 (Italy)
  • UNI 11095:2011 (Italy)
  • UNI 11095:2019 (Italy)
  • UNI 11095:2021 (Italy)
  • CEN CR 14380:2007 L20
  • OC/36-2015 L20 (Spain)

Tunnel Plus

Litecalc Tunnel lighting can be integrated with the extra module Tunnel Plus that allows to determine the luminance curve at the entrance of a straight tunnel:

  • Graphically through the Adrian's diagram or the L20 method
  • Numerically by entering the luminance value at the access zone
  • Tabularly by importing the chart of luminance values according to the progressive x