Software for Road Lighting

LITESTAR 4D Litecalc - Road lighting is the program module for the management of rectilinear road lighting installations and includes the following functions:

  • design and management of the road through 2 modes: wizard and advanced
  • manual insertion of single luminaires or groups of luminaires
  • import of pieces of furniture or objects in 3D (road signs, plants, various objects) from external files (3DS, OBJ or OXF OxyTech) or directly from the program library
  • definition of special calculation areas through regular and irregular working planes
  • calculation of parameters:
    • horizontal, cylindrical, semi-cylindrical and hemispherical illuminance
    • luminance
    • glare (fTI)
    • light pollution
    • IPEI* - installation energy efficiency assessment according to the Decree of the Italian Ministry for the Environment dated September 27th, 2017 - CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) for the Public Lighting
  • management of the calculation results featuringf:
    • regular-irregular zoom with straight and curvilinear sections
    • possibility of switching off the points of no interest (cuadriculas)
    • dynamic management of longitudinal and transversal uniformity
  • rendering

Road Plus

Litecalc Road lighting can be integrated with the extra module Road Plus for the automatic calculation of several straight roads using an Excel file, useful for the automatic search for optimal lighting solutions.

Road Plus is equipped with the optimization function with which it is possible to obtain the optimal solution for the lighting of defined road sections in terms of optimal power supply current of the LED luminaires.


Standards and Norms of Reference

  • CIE 30.2
  • CIE 140
  • EN 13201:2003
  • EN 13201:2015
  • UNI 10419 (Italia)
  • RD 1890 (Spagna)

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