Wg7, the new and innovative OxyTech Webcatalog designed to meet the needs of efficiency and automation when it comes to the data management of lighting products, is now available.

Wg7 is pure automation for manufacturers and lighting designers. Never seen before!

With Wg7 you can:

  • search for products
  • view polar, Cartesian or beam opening diagrams
  • analyze spectra, color planes, diagrams and graphs of the TM-30
  • view McAdam ellipses, spectrum parameters, CRI graphs
  • download interchage files (LDT, IES, OXL, IESxml, UNIxml ....)

as well as viewing and downloading reports and data sheets in 25 languages.

The Benefits for the Manufacturer

Wg7 avoids the manufacturer from uploading thousands of files on its Website, because only one OXL file per product is enough: Wg7 will take care of the rest!

Wg7 minimizes the workload by increasing the informative power of the product.

Wg7, a step into the future!

The Benefits for the Lighting Designer

Wg7 makes a large amount of product data available to the designer in a simple, fast and efficient way, which currently requires a lot of time and effort.

It is no longer necessary to waste time searching for product data: with Wg7 everything is just one single click away.

Furthermore, with Wg7 + Liswin, you can automatically check in a few seconds whether the products you are using are up to date or not.

Wg7, a true revolution!