The Webinar entitled "What is the future of data exchange in the lighting industry? BIM and much more" highlighted the needs of designers, the current state of development of the new files and the integration of the lighting world in the new BIM design methodology, answering the following questions:

  • will we still be able to use the old Eulumdat or IES LM-63 file?
  • or should we instead move on to new data structures, more powerful than the previous ones, taking into consideration the regulatory development?
  • what is the current state and what is being worked on?
  • will BIM affect the world of lighting or vice versa?

It was held by:

    • Architech and Lighting Designer Roberto Corradini presented in detail the designer's needs, clarifying what the interchange files of the future should contain, how to store them and how to keep them updated in order to automate the designer's work
    • Engineer Stefano Borsani took stock of the state of the art of the current exchange files, the ongoing developments in the regulatory field and their integration with the BIM Laws
    • Engineer Giampiero Bellomo, the leading Italian expert in the BIM sector applied to lighting technology, presented the enormous benefits that could derive from the adoption of BIM in the lighting sector, underlining the importance of the adoption of IFC type interchange files

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