Lambda Research Corporation proposes the Webinar "Start to Finish Optical Design Using OSLO, RayViz, and TracePro" that will be hold next May 20th 2020:

  • first session: from 10am EDT to 11am EDT
  • second session: from 4pm EDT to 6pm EDT

In this webinar we will show how OSLO, RayViz, and TracePro can be used in all phases of the optical design process. 

Topics to be covered include:

  • Designing and optimizing a lens in OSLO
  • Exporting the lens from OSLO as a CAD file
  • Using the lens model in RayViz for mechanical design and initial optical layout
  • Combining the OSLO and RayViz models in TracePro
  • Analyzing the complete design in TracePro
  • Question and Answer session

Who should attend:

Optical designers and engineers who would like to learn how to use Lambda Research’s OSLO, RayViz, and TracePro products as an easy to use and powerful solution for start to finish optical designs.