The new LITESTAR 4D 7.00 version is now available and includes many new features like:

  • Pv - Management of 3D photo-spectrometric matrices
  • Pv - Data management and calculations for horticultural and UV fields directly in PAR and radiometric units without multipliers
  • Pv - Management of the driving currents according to the CEI 34 / 189-2020 Guide implying having all the data of fluxes, powers and currents within a single OXL file
  • Lc - Tunnels - Calculation following standards EN CR 14380, OC/36-2015 (Spain) and UNI 11095:2021 (Italy)
  • Lc - New management of absolute, relative and object coordinate systems

New features

Download the new version

Have a good experience and work with LITESTAR 4D 7.00!