Lambda Research Corporation proposes the Course "Introduction to OSLO" that will be hold next November 28th and 29th 2023 from 10:00 UCT to12:00 UCT.


Topics to be covered include:

Session 1 (November 28th, 2023)

Introduction to OSLO

  • User Interface
  • Spreadsheets, windows, and toolbars
  • Command-line basics
  • Help and manuals
  • File structure
  • Functional flow

Preferences and Operating Conditions

  • Preferences
  • Operating conditions
  • System notes
  • Surface notes

Basic Optical System Definitions

  • Defining your system
  • Specifying system properties
  • Wavelengths and weights
  • Apertures and checking
  • Using solves

Session 2 (November 29th, 2023)

Variables and Optimization

  • Setting up variables
  • Types of variables
  • Error functions in OSLO
  • Optimization methods in OSLO
  • Sliders

Evaluating Performance in OSLO

  • Graphics evaluation methods
  • Text Graphics evaluation methods
  • Intro to tolerancing

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