Autostrade per l'Italia, the company that manages the largest number of motorway sections in Italy, chooses LITESTAR 4D Tunnel for the lighting design of 450 of the 556 tunnels managed in total on the entire Italian motorway.

The tunnels will be built in the next few years starting this year.

LITESTAR 4D Tunnel has been equipped with 2 custom functions developed ad hoc for the project:   

    • the first one involves the automatic import of the positions of the pre-existing luminaires saved in an Excel file created for this purpose. Next, the designer fills in this file with the reference of the photometric curve of the new LED luminaire, as well as its maintenance factor and luminous flux for each position. This saves more than 80% of the normal project development time.
    • the second function, created especially for the customized version of Autostrade per l'Italia, consists of the automatic analysis of the projects provided by the bidders as well as the saving in Excel files of the data and results of the calculations and comparisons with the parameters required by the UNI 11095:2021 Standard, which allows savings of over 90% in terms of the average project analysis time.

LITESTAR 4D Tunnel allows the calculation of the lighting parameters according to the following recommendations and standards:

    • CIE 88-2004 Recommendations
    • UNI 11095:2003 (Italy)
    • UNI 11095:2011 (Italy)
    • UNI 11095:2019 (Italy)
    • UNI 11095:2021 (Italy)
    • CEN CR 14380:2007 L20
    • OC/36-2015 L20 (Spain)