Summary of LITESTAR 4D functions

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Photometry management Configurations
  General Open Pro Plus
  Import of LDT - IES 86-91-95-01 - TM14 - CIE102 - LTLI - Astan files
  Export of LDT - IES 86-91-95-01 - TM14 - CIE102 - LTLI - Astan files
  Import-Export of OXL files management (OxyTech XML)
New 4.00
Management of product image savable in OXL file with photometry and photometric measurement technical data (instruments, electrical parameters etc.)
  Table saving in txt file
  Graph saving in raster files (BMP-JPG-PCX-PNG-TGA) for polar, Cartesian and glare (Soellner) diagrams
  Graph saving in raster files (BMP-JPG-PCX-PNG-TGA) for luminaire and lamp UE label 874, beam opening and zonal diagrams, isolux, isocandle and isoluminance curves, BUG graphs (TM-15), yield curves    
  Graph saving in vector files (Dxf-PS-EPS)    
New 4.00
Automatic conversion of FDB LTS10 files into OXL files (Batcher/FDB > OXL function)
New 4.00
Automatic Conversion of n LDT, IES and/or OXL files into n LDT, IES, OXL files alternatively (Batcher/Dir to Dir function)  
New 4.00

Automatic creation of n LDT or IES or OXL files or graph and table files (polar, Cartesian, UGR diagrams, etc., that is to say, the whole set of graphs and tables available in Photoview Plus) from some LDT, IES and/or OXL parent files.

It includes the possibility of customizing (Custom option) graphs, tables and files, such as the export of XML files according to customer specifications (customization available on request).

  Photometric files elaboration functions Open Pro Plus
  Luminaire, measurement, lamp and laboratory data management
  Polar and Cartesian Diagram
  UGR Chart and Glare Soellner diagram
  IPEA Energy Efficiency assessment for road luminaires according to Italian Ministerial Decree 23 12 2013 and Hera Luce Protocol
New 4.00
Photometric matrix management (table)  
New 4.00
Merging of different and equal measurements  
  Lamp and luminaire energy efficiency assessment according to UE Label 874/2012    
  CIE Reduced Utilization Factors    
  Visualization of photometry in 3D    
  Beam opening diagram    
  Zonal Flux diagram    
  Photometric classifications DIN 5040 - UTE 121 - CIE - BZ    
  Isolux Curves    
  Multiprojection isocandle curves    
  Road photometric classification CIE - IES - EN 13201    
  Road classification BUG IES TM15    
  Luminance diagram    
  SHR Diagram and table for emergency luminaires    
Catalog data management Configurations
  General Open Pro Plus 
  Automatic activation of manufacturers’ catalog (for manufacturers only)    
  Creation of 1 catalog file folder (free catalog for designers)    
  Creation of n catalog file folder (free catalogs for designers)    
  Catalog data manual insertion (texts, images, technical data sheet, linked documents..)  
  Import of OXL and OXC files into both protected and free catalogs  
  Import of LDT-IES-OXL files into protected catalogs for manufacturers    
  Import of LDT-IES-OXL files into free catalogs for designers  
  Management of commercial, electrical, energy, photometric, mechanical parameters, norms and marks  
  Lamp energy label management according to UE 874/2012  
Lighting Design Project - 2D/3D file management- Rendering Configurations
  General Open Pro Plus 
  Management of 2D (Dxf) file import with parameter definition window to specify parameters such as position, scale and offset  
  Management of 3D (3DS and Obj) file import with parameter definition window to specify parameters such as position, scale and offset  
  Furniture and object management  
  Area perimeter and extruded object modification with the possibility of defining new rectilinear and curved segments  
  Management of luminaire-furniture layer  
New 4.00
Management of single luminaires or luminaires in groups lighting  
  Texture management  
  Management of regular and irregular working planes with rectilinear or curved segments  
  Interiors lighting Open Pro Plus 
  Norms: EN 12464      
  Wizard for interiors  
  Advanced Interiors (free)  
  Free luminaire positioning  
  Automatic luminaire positioning (total flux method)  
  Glare calculation (UGR - VCP)  
  Emergency lighting Open Pro Plus
  Norms: EN 1838      
  Escape routes, safety points and high-risk areas management
  Luminaire automatic positioning and calculation    
  Free luminaire positioning
  Road lighting Open Pro Plus 

Recommendations: CIE 30 - CIE 140 - Norms: EN 13201:2003 + 2015 - UNI 10439 - UNI 10819

New 4.00
EN 13201:2015 update  
Wizard for Roads  
Advanced Roads    
  Free Project  
  Glare calculation TI  
  Light Pollution Calculation (UNI 10819)  
  IPEI Energy Efficiency Calculation (Italian Ministerial Decree 23 12 2013 and Hera Luce Protocol)    
Spanish RD 1890 Energy Efficiency Calculation    
  Automatic checking of the correspondence to Norm EN 13201  
New 4.00
Calculation of parameters DP (Power Density Indicator) and DE (Annual Energy Consumption Indicator) according to 13201:2015  
New 4.00
Assessment of the Energy Performance at full power or with regulation systems according to 13201-5:2015    
  Sports areas lighting Open Pro Plus 
  Available in LITESTAR 10 – soon in LITESTAR 4D      
  Norms: EN 12193 - FIFA 2011      
  Sports Areas Template    
  High masts with fixed head platforms management    
  Horizontal (Eh) and vertical (Ev) 4 direc. (+X -X +Y -Y) illuminance calculation)    
  Illuminance calculation in the direction of TV    
  Cylindrical and semi cylindrical illuminance calculation    
  Glare calculation (GR)    
  Spectators Illuminance Calculation (FIFA 2011)    
  Tunnel lighting Open Pro Plus
  Recommendations: CIE 88 - Norms: UNI 11095      
  Wizard for tunnels  
  Advanced tunnels    
  Luminance curve definition with Adrian’s diagram    
  Illuminance and luminance calculation on roads  
New 4.00
Management of luminaire rows at constant and variable interdistances    
New 4.00
Management of luminaires in groups lighting  
  Illuminance and luminance calculation on tunnel walls  
  Illuminance calculation on virtual vertical walls  
  Rendering Open Pro  Plus
  Ray-Tracing 640x480 px  
  Ray-Tracing up to a 640x480 ... HD resolution  
Interactive electronic Catalog Configurations
  General Open Pro Plus 
  Luminaire data and lamp management  
New 4.00
Free Catalog (Webcatalog) creation (the Open configuration allows the creation of a single catalog)  
  Local parametric search  
  Parametric search via Internet via WebCatalog  
  Tree search at 3 levels  
  Search by product code or description  
Automatic search of updates of locally available products via Internet  
  Drag&Drop from manufacturer’s WebCatalog  
  Liswin-Photoview link for the automatic acquisition of lamp data  
  Product technical sheets management in several different formats and languages  
  Accessory files management (mounting instructions, certificates, etc.) in PDF  
  Management of lamp energy label according to UE 874/2012  
  Import of manufacturers’ data Plug-in  
Drag&Drop import of OXL-LDT-IES files  
  Price list and currency management  
  Multiple section product specifications management  
  Offers and price lists management  
Interactive electronic Catalog via Web Configurations
  General  Open Pro Plus 
  Product tree search which can be configured at 3 levels (Tree Search)    
  Search by product code or description (Product List)    
  Search by images (Model)    
  Download of PDF, XLS and DOC files    
New 4.00
Download of LDT, IES, OXL, RFA (Revit) files    
  Management of technical data sheets in more than 20 languages    
  Product accessories document management    
  Drag&Drop of manufacturer’s WebCatalog into Litecalc and Liswin