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LITESTAR 4D is the system for lighting design that allows the design of interior and exterior areas (generic areas, sports areas, roads, tunnels) and the management of photometric and commercial documentation that makes the work of lighting professionals simple and efficient.

LITESTAR 4D is made up of the following modules:

Photoview, the photometry management module

Lisdat, the catalog data management module

Litecalc, the lighting design module, interface of CAD 2D and 3D files, lighting calculation and rendering (Photon Mapping method)

Liswin, interactive electronic catalog

WebCatalog, interactive electronic catalog on the Internet

TracePro, the program for luminaire optics design


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Litecalc - Interface

Litecalc - Reflections and Specularity

Litecalc - Color Filters

Calculation and rendering performed in 25 seconds (single core 3.20GHz computer)

Luminaires by MartinelliLuce