LITESTAR 4D Configurations


LITESTAR 4D is available in 3 configurations:

  • Open, the freeware configuration (free), which can be downloaded from the Download area of WebOxy and which includes the basic functions of LITESTAR 4D (see: Summary of LITESTAR 4D functions)
  • Pro (type B and G), the professional configuration, available for professionals who are Partners of LITESTAR Project and which includes both the basic and the advanced functions (see: Summary of LITESTAR 4D functions). LITESTAR 4D Pro can be activated from LITESTAR Open (see Being Partner of LITESTAR Project)
  • Plus, the super professional configuration, available for some highly specific program modules that can be added to the Pro configuration in License B such as:
    • Emergency Lighting (Emergency Plus)
    • Advanced Tunnel Lighting (Tunnel Plus)
    • Advanced Photometry Management (Photoview Plus)

There are also Customized configurations available , dedicated to professionals or companies that want to have at their disposal customized functions for project, catalog and/or photometry management.

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LITESTAR 4D - Art Gallery

LITESTAR 4D - Art Gallery

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