Mission .... LITESTAR Project

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LITESTAR Project originates from the idea of putting at our Partners' disposal:

  • manufacturers of luminaires and lamps

but also:

  • corporations and large public companies, installers, lighting designers, designers, specialized retailers and electric material wholesalers

a series products and services for lighting design able to bring together and meet the different needs of each of them.

LITESTAR Project originates from our wide view of the world of lighting, from the daily contact with our Partners and the will to develop with them strong, versatile and configurable tools to help improve their everyday work.

LITESTAR Project is therefore addressed to a Professional Market in which the need of configuration, flexibility, customization and freedom play an essential role.

That’s why LITESTAR 4D, the software system for lighting design, includes:

  • powerful lighting design, calculation and rendering features
  • an open database
  • powerful search features.

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