LITESTAR 4D Photoview

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LITESTAR 4D Photoview is a powerful program for luminaire and lamp photometry management which includes the (following) functions:

  • visualization and printout of graphs and tables
  • photometric data import and export in standard formats: CEN 13032, Cibse TM14, CIE 102, Eulumdat, IESNA 86-91-95-02 and OXL, the new data interchange format in XML technology developed by OxyTech
  • photometry conversion from one measurement system to another: C-g to V-H (B-b) and vice versa
  • data import from OxyTech’s and generic Goniophotometers (customized function)
  • manual insertion

LITESTAR 4D Photoview is available in the following configurations:

LITESTAR 4D Photoview is made according to the most updated international standards and recommendations and is developed by a team of programmers and technicians that takes advantage of the over 50,000 measurements made in our photometric and colorimetric laboratory in more than 20 years.


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