LITESTAR 4D Photoview Plus

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LITESTAR 4D Photoview Plus is the advanced configuration of Photoview, designed for photometry management professionals (manufacturers) and photometric elaboration professionals (manufacturers, lighting designers, public bodies).

It includes the following functions:

  • energy label management according to UE 874/2012 for both lamps and luminaires
  • management of the photometric solid in 3D
  • elaboration of the beam opening diagram, both in 2D and 3D
  • elaboration of zonal flux diagram and photometric classifications BZ, DIN 5040, UTE 121 and CIE diagram
  • elaboration of multiprojection isolux and isocandle curve, of road lighting yield curve according to CIE, IES and EN 13201 and of luminance curve
  • road lighting luminaire classification according to the BUG system (IES TM15)
  • SHR diagram and table elaboration for emergency luminaires


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