OXL - Data exchange file on XML basis for lighting devices


The OXL file is a new file format for the exchange of data in the lighting engineering sector and represents the evolution of files such as Eulumdat, IES, the English Cibse TM14, the Scandinavian LTLI and CIE 102, generally limited to only photometric data.

The OXL file has been developed by OxyTech in conjunction with the modern technology of XML type files, widely used today in many sectors in which the transfer of information is an essential part.

The great innovation of the OXL file is the possibility to manage various items of information, even of different types and structures, within a single object thus guaranteeing:

  • speed and simplicity
  • flexibility, efficiency and practicality
  • order in document management

The OXL file allows management of the following product information for luminaires and lamps:

  • photometries and photometric parameters
  • spectrum and color parameters
  • data and laboratory electrical parameters
  • lamp data
  • technical sheets
  • images in different formats
  • 3D files
  • energy label
  • accessory documents such as:
    • product certifications in PDF
    • instruction leaflets in PDF
    • .....

This is the first example of an XML file being applied to the lighting engineering sector and it can be used within LITESTAR 4D or by any other application able to read the OXL file.

The OXL format is public: visualize the format and specifications.


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