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LITESTAR 4D WebCatalog (Wg4) is a Web system, not just a browser, that facilitates and speeds up the flow of information between manufacturers and customers.

It combines simple design with sophisticated technology to make the visualization and management of the features of luminaires and lamps fast and easy in:

  • computers
  • tablets
  • smartphones

Wg4 uses the same product database as LITESTAR 4D, which guarantees:

  • extreme speed and more dynamic data management and updating
  • extreme flexibility and ease of use
  • significant cost reduction

Wg4 includes the following functions:

  • search:
    • by Panoramic Search through the definition of a series of parameters
    • by Dynamic Technical Tree Search of the products, which can be configured by the users according to their needs (at a maximum of 3 levels)
    • by Product List through product codes and descriptions
    • by Model, taking as a reference the family image
  • data sheets management in more than 20 languages
  • energy labels management (optional)
  • Drag&Drop, to transfer the product data from the WebCatalog to LITESTAR 4D (Litecalc and Liswin) or Spac Start in a simple and practical way and without any waste of time

Wg4 is available in the following versions:

  • Wg4 Base, the browser designed for manufacturers of luminaires and lamps to display their products in a dynamic way on the Internet
  • Wg4 R1, the Webcatalog of manufacturers’ WebCatalogs, innovative and unique of its kind, designed for:
    • branches of manufacturers
    • distributors (wholesalers and specialised retailers)
    • public bodies
    • lighting designers

    who wish to display on their website the products of the companies they represent and have data constantly updated by the manufacturing companies themselves.

Wg interfaces with various design and/or management applications offering the advantage of having product data constantly updated by the manufacturing companies. For example:


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