What’s new in LITESTAR 4D 4.01



Tip of new features


Details of the new features

Photoview - Photometric and Spectrometric Data Management

  • Spectrum Management - the new feature to manage spectra has been added to Photoview Plus and includes the following characteristics:
    • Import of files in the following formats:
      • .Raw: output format of files created by performing a spectrometry with OxyTech goniophotometers
      • IESNA TM-27-14
      • OXL
      • Txt
      • Csv
      • as well as importing from Excel files via copy&paste
    • mathematical integration of the spectra measured at different C-Gamma points following IESNA LM-79-08 procedure (integration weighted with intensity values)
    • photometry and weighted spectrum may be saved as OXL files
    • printouts of weighted spectrum and CIE 1931 chromaticity graphics, including color coordinates as (x, y), (u, v) and (u', v'), CRI (Ra), CCT and Delta (u', v')
    • Download here the sample OXL for your evaluation test and verify how easy it is to manage both, photometry and spectrum in a single file: just drag&drop it in Photoview Plus and photometry, spectrometry and product image will be displayed
    • Watch the film
  • Efficiency Graph (Road Classification) - glare evaluation according to EN 13201:2015 through the G* parameter has been included
  • Print Report - the printing of the product image in the first page of the photometric report has been included
  • UGR - calculation of the UGR table is now possible only for interspace ratio on installation height equal to 0,250

Litecalc - Lighting Design and Planning

  • General - a button to open the LDT/IES folder has been introduced, it allows the selection of the folders which contain files with such extensions. Photometries can be imported directly into the project with drag&drop
  • General - Most Commonly Used Luminaires Catalog - management with the functions "Selection" and "Drag & drop" for the windows of wizard and advanced projects is now available
  • General - Replacement of Luminaire Groups Function - the functions for the simultaneous replacement of luminaire groups through the tree "Scene" on the left of the screen are now available
  • Tunnels - Walls definition - the wall height can now be input. Walls can also be divided considering clear and dark coated parts (ceiling)
  • Tunnels - Colors and Reflectances - the definition of the wall and ceiling colors and reflectances has been included
  • Tunnels - the choice between fixed observer, mobile observer according to Italian norm (UNI 11095-2011) and mobile observer according to American norm IES RP-22-11 has been introduced in the section Advanced Project for Tunnels
  • Tunnels - the management of fixed and moving observers has been simplified, and the type of observer has also been defined according to Norm UNI 11095-2011
  • Tunnels - the possibility to place luminaires with a negative x coordinate has been introduced
  • Roads and Tunnels - the q0 factor is now displayed with 4 decimals
  • Roads and Tunnels - indirect calculation coming from the road has been activated for roads and tunnels
  • Calculations - calculations are now made in float instead of double mode: this allows better memory use saving space
  • Printouts:
    • both description and measurement code references have been introduced
    • height indication of the working plane has been introduced
  • Rendering - Road poles are now displayed in renderings
  • Rendering - Blur management has been enhanced to get higher quality renderings
  • Bug Fix - Advanced Project for Roads - the program wouldn't extend the properties of the luminaires and lanes rows so that, when selecting a row or a lane, it resulted in an editing error
  • Bug Fix - Tunnel - Observer's Management - when selecting the static observer, the program set the American observer according to IES instead
  • Bug Fix - Tunnels - the error in luminance and TI calculation has been fixed
  • Bug Fix - Printouts - when using the program with MS Windows 10 Operating System, it wasn't possible to change the logo
  • Bug Fix - Roads and Tunnels - the error in the text strings regarding the RX and RY luminaire rotations has been fixed: they were swapped
  • BugFix - Tunnel - Adrian function - you can now define the values of the luminance curve either manually or copying from the clipboard
  • BugFix - Roads/Calculation - objects placed under the pole were not calculated correctly when the project was saved and re-opened: shadows would not appear, this has now been fixed
  • BugFix - Calculation with Inter-reflections - the program was not calculating correctly when one or more luminaires were replaced and it was necessary to save the project, open it again and calculate again to get right results; this has now been fixed

Liswin - Interactive Electronic Catalog

  • Photometry Import - the control functions for the import of LDT and IES photometries have been enhanced; furthermore the program warns of critical situations such as the lack of a luminaire, measurement or lamp code within the file
  • Bug-Fix - OXL Import created with Photoview from LDT and IES files - the import error has been fixed
  • Bug-Fix - Import Error Messages - some messages were not aligned with the error, this has now been fixed
  • Bug-Fix - Language Error Messages - accented characters were not handled in the different languages, this has now been fixed
  • Bug-Fix - The display error after importing OXL files - the program did not refresh automatically, this has now been fixed
  • Bug-Fix - Import OXL files generated with Liswin - Import of OXL files created with previous export from Liswin didn't take place properly, since the photometry wasn't imported



Photoview - Spectrum management and saving in OXL file

Litecalc - Activation of Favorite Products catalog

Litecalc - Definition of height and color of the active wall and ceiling color