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The database creation for LITESTAR 4D can be carried out in 2 possible different ways:

  • through the LITESTAR 4D Lisdat module, the data management software developed by OxyTech to allow data insertion straight into the catalog database (OxyData.mbd file) by means of a user-friendly interface
  • through the BEF files (Bridge Excel File) for lamps and luminaries shown below and with which to insert the data and all the external files in a neat and simple way. The BEF files will have to be returned to OxyTech for the catalog database creation

Note - the LITESTAR 4D database is the same database which is also used for the WebCatalog, the browser that allows the Internet visualization of the catalog data. You’re kindly requested to contact our customer service for further information.

You can find below the file Empty OxyData, the empty database of the program to be used for new insertions or imports with LITESTAR 4D. The OxyData.mdb file has to be copied in the /DB folder of the program.

> LITESTAR 4D Bridge Excel File - Luminaires Rv15 030417

> LITESTAR 4D Bridge Excel File - Lamps Rv15 220116

> LITESTAR 4D OxyData_Empty_-_Rv19_030417


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