June 28, 2018 - Over 37,000 registered users exceeded!


> 37.000

Today, more than 37,000 registered users, over 300,000 downloads, have downloaded LITESTAR 4D, 37,000 users who access LITESTAR 4D every day, viewing the news and using the different modules of the program, the only open and independent program that unites:

  • management of photometries
  • archiving of data in the catalog
  • product research
  • lighting engineering calculations
  • rendering

The graphs on the side show the more than 37,000 users divided into function:

  • of the type of activity
  • of the continent


Are you a manufacturer ...

... and want to supply your product data to the market through LITESTAR 4D? You have 2 possibilities:

  • create the OXL files of your products with images, data sheet and photometry with the free version (Open) of LITESTAR 4D and distribute the OXL files from your site, suggesting to your customers to download LITESTAR 4D from your website or from WebOxy
  • use the WebCatalog to manage online product searches, technical data sheets, direct and protected drag & drop to LITESTAR 4D: contact our Customer Service (info@oxytech.it) (starting from € 1,000 / year)



Distribution by type of activity

Distribution by geographical area